I am really worried about indoor air and fumes/VOCs lingering after a new roof is put on my house. How long will off-gassing continue?

Asked by DKO
Boca Raton, FL

For our sloped roof they will install "a Polyglass TU Plus Waterproofing Underlayment Fastened," and for our flat roof they will install "an SAV Modified Bitumen Base Sheet, Direct Deck Application per Code and Install as SAP White Granular Cap Sheet, Torch Applied over Modified Base Sheet." I am out of state with my 3-year-old. How long do you think we should remain away from the house after the work is completed?work is completed? Even if there is no smell could it still be dangerous? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


Sean Lintow Sr

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr

Naperville, IL

SLS Construction & Building Solutions

June 10, 2013

Most people have no issues being in the house while the work is done as most of the off gassing from using the torches is not heading into your house, but out into the open air.

If you are really concerned, have a neighbor open up the windows after they have completed the job and you can come back the next morning.

Since your ducts are probably in the attic area, you may also wish to make sure your AC unit is off while the work is going on. They will be kicking loose a lot of dust in the attic. 


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