I am looking for a low VOC carpeting option for carpeting. Do you know of any sources?

Asked by Gary Reeves
Mckinney, TX

I am also looking for a low VOC padding material, please.


Answered by Erik Heuler

East Setauket, NY

Peter Caradonna Architecture & Planning

August 20, 2012


To find low VOC carpeting I would recommend looking for products that are certified under the Carpet and Rug Institute's (CRI) Green Label/Green Label Plus program.

  • This is a third party certification that tests and verifies low emitting carpet.
  • You can get carpet, padding, and adhesives that are certified under the program.

Use the "search" button the righthand side of their website to find a list of certified products. You should ask your local carpet stores if they carry these products. 


For more information:

Read "I need to find low-toxic carpet for my rental apartment. What are some reliable brands?" a Q&A answered by David Rodriguez.

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