I am looking at either a PV system or solar hot water. Which has the biggest ROI?

Asked by Terry Luttrell
Harsens Island, MI

I am looking to install either a PV system or solar hot water.


Paul Rosen

Answered by Paul Rosen

Ft. Myers Beach, FL

NorthBay Energy Services, Inc.

March 21, 2012

Generally, solar hot water will give you more "bang for the buck."

  • PV is 12-22% efficient and expensive compared to solar hot water, which is 60+% efficient.
  • If the budget allows, both are great.

My favorite saying is "reduce then produce".

  • First look at ways to reduce you utility bills by upgrading the efficiency of you home: insulation, air sealing leaks, fixing leaky ducts if you have forced air heat, etc.
  • A great website to find all about this stuff is


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