I am looking at a home to purchase. However, I have an issue with chemical sensitivity and there is an odor in the house.

Asked by patricia tedesco
Wilkes Barre, PA

Could it also be the wallboard smelling? home was built in 1998


Unfortunately this one is a tough call and there is no clear cut answer. Hopefully the advice below helps in your decision.

If you are uncertain about the source of the smell and have Chemical Sensitivity issues, but want the house, place a contingency in the purchase agreement to have time to conduct a thorough analysis by a qualified enviromental hygienist of the air with in the home.

  • If it comes back positive for items which are harmful to you, you have a legitimate reason to back out of the deal.
  • If the tests come back negative you have to make the decission whether to continue with the purchase or back out of it.

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