I am interested in contractors who work on green residential roofs. My current roof is asbestos shingle on a peaked/gabled roof.

Asked by S. Jones
Pittsburgh, PA

I can't find anyone doing this in the area of Pittsburgh, PA.


I assume you are referring to a “green” roof as a vegetated roof.

If so, this is currently a practice more suited for commercial projects due to its cost and that fact that green roofs are favorable to the flat roof construction found commonly in commercial buildings. You noted that your roof is a pitch/gable roof. 

  • Keep in mind, vegetated roofs cannot be installed on a slope greater than 4/12 or 18 degrees.
  • The reason for this is quite simple: over time the planting base material will slide downward and eventually off the roof due to gravity and erosion.

I would recommend you contact a manufacturer's representative to work with you on the proper design.

Then find a commercial roofing contractor or green roofing contractor in your area to oversee the installation to ensure proper waterproofing and installation of the green roofing system.


For more information:

Read "6 Ways to Get the Green Benefits without the Green Roof" for tips on getting the benefits of a green roof without constructing one.

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