I am inheriting a piano from a house that is very fragrant. Is there an ideal way to seal in the fragrance ingrained in the piano?

Asked by ira
Port Chester, NY

I'm sensitive to fragrances. Was wondering if I could use a Vermont Coatings product or a clear shellac. I would appreciate your guidance.



Depending on the piano, most have finishes on the exterior sealing the wood that can be washed and deodorized to remove the fragrance.

  • Most likely the fragrance is embedded in the exposed unfinished wood and material (such as felt pads) located on the interior of the piano.
  • To completely seal these areas will require disassembly of the piano, application of a low-VOC finish and reassembly and tuning.
  • This approach may be costly.

I recommend you contact your insurance company for names and recommendations of “insurance reconstruction companies.”

Why? Most of these companies have the capability to deodorize furniture, even pianos, from odors such as smoke, and may have the ability to deodorize your inherited piano of the embedded fragrances.


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