What "green" sealant would you recommend for tile in my entryway?

Asked by Janice
Smithfield, RI

This is a fairly high-traffic area. We want to keep cleaning easy. We assume the sealant will protect grout as well.


Jason Kliwinski

Answered by Jason Kliwinski

Lambertville, NJ

The Green Living and Building Center

February 27, 2011

AFM Safecoat Penetrating WaterStop is a zero-VOC sealer that increases water-repellency on brick walls, concrete foundations, stucco, stone, and most unglazed tile. It is nonflammable and free of formaldehyde and hazardous ingredients.

But, putting a sealant over tile may make it very slippery.  Also sealing depends on the type of tile.

If you are using a glazed tile, you don't need to seal it.

  • Just seal the grout joints, and
  • you should wait a week or so to make sure the grout is completely set and dry.


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