I am confused about electromagnetic fields (EMFs). How would you suggest I reduce health risks inside the home?

Asked by Ilana Cohen
Brooklyn, NY

Right now I live in a rented apartment, so what I can do is limited, but I would like information for both rentals and houses as when I do eventually settle down and buy a house, I will still be concerned about this issue.


Sarah Barnard

Answered by Sarah Barnard

Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Barnard Design

November 19, 2010

Hi Ilana,

If you are interested in limiting your exposure to EMFs, a great place to start is in the bedroom! Since your body does most of its recovery while sleeping, EMFs in and around your bed are the most harmful.

  • Try unplugging EVERYTHING in your room before you turn in for the night.
  • Avoid electric blankets, and make sure your bed isn't up against a wall that has electric components in it or directly on the other side of it.

Once you're in a home you own, I recommend installing a "kill" switch that will cut all electric power to your bedroom suite. Then you can just flip the switch and head off to sweet dreams.

I've written a number of articles on this topic and you might find my blog helpful!


For more information:

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