I am buying a log home. How can I tell if the logs were treated with pesticides?

Asked by Jill Hayward
Mountain Ranch, CA

The house was built in 1993, and I believe most log homes at that time were treated with pesticides which are now illegal. It's so hard to find information. I've been told if the logs are sealed with varnish then we're safe from the pesticides. Of course then there's the wood finishes to worry about. Testing for all possible pesticides individually would be prohibitively expensive. I've done a test for VOC and formaldehyde and am waiting for results. A question I have is this: could the VOCs be an indicator of the pesticides? That is, if the levels are in the average range, do you suppose I have nothing to worry about? Or maybe 20 years of off-gassing is enough to eliminate even the worst pesticide anyway?


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

April 23, 2014

Yes, 20 years has been plenty of time for off-gassing to take place. Not much to worry about there. Just be sure and use a NO-VOC stain in the future. Happy Staining !

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