I am building a new home in Mumbai, India. How can I make it environmentally friendly, sturdy, airy, leakproof, and save on maintenance?

Asked by Rahul Thakur
Sulphur, KY

A home in Mumbai needs to have good insulation from rains, as it rains heavily in this hot and humid climate. How can I save on construction costs and maintenance? It's a dream house and has taken me 10 years of hard labor and persistence. Max. area permissible is about 5,000 sq. ft. as per civic laws.


Answered by Earthship Biotecture

Taos, NM

Earthship Biotecture

April 26, 2010

Build an Earthship. Low-tech, local materials . . . will perform in your climate with little to no fossil fuels.

An Earthship is a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials. Electricity is from the sun with solar power and wind with wind modules. Water is caught on the roof from rain and snow melt. Sewage is treated on site in interior and exterior botanical planters. Heating and cooling is from the sun and the earth. Food is grown inside and outside.

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