How much more will a LEED Platinum home sell for as compared to a similar size traditional home?

Asked by Tom Trojnar
Taos, NM

I am a RE appraiser in NM & am appraising a LEED Platinum home. I have no "comps" in my market. Are there market return studies to help show what kind of percentage or $ premium a buyer might pay for green features?


Answered by Erik Heuler

East Setauket, NY

Peter Caradonna Architecture & Planning

July 28, 2012


Earlier this month a study from UCLA was published addressing this question. They found that buyers are willing to pay roughly 10% more for a certified green home with all other factors equal.

You can read the study at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability website here.


For more information:

You can read more about the LEED for Homes program here on GreenHomeGuide.

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