How much Keim Dolomitspachtel would be equivalent to fourteen 17-L buckets of Sheetrock joint compound?

Asked by Mark Croxford
Philadelphia, PA

I know that Keim Dolomitspachtel comes in 8-kg and 18-kg sizes, but am not sure what the conversion is between this and the traditional "blue" and "green" tubs of the Sheetrock joint compound. Thanks!


Edward Wright

Answered by Edward Wright

Cincinnati, OH

Wright Design, LLC

June 4, 2012


Keim indicates that 18 kg covers 108 sf at 1mm depth - so covering 1000 sf would require 10 (9.26 needed) containers.

Compare that to USG lightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound which indicates 9.4 gal covers 1000 sf or slightly more than (2) 4.5 gallon pails.



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