How much does a hot water recirculation pump cost, including installation?

Asked by Sid Vicious
San Diego, CA

Do I need to install a closed loop system and run piping back to my water heater. That sounds very expensive to patch all the dry wall. Please do not answer without a price range. Thanks


Mr. Vicious,

Currently on a project which I'm managing, we installed a recirculation pump and pex piping in an open basement. The cost was $750.00 labor and material which included approximately 150 feet of piping.

Unfortunately without knowing the specific details of your project and layout of the floor plan and plumbing fixtures it is imposible to project a cost for labor and material. I recommend that you contact three local licensed plumbing contractors in your area to visit your site and present you with a proposal for all of the plumbing and patch work.

Good luck and say hi to Nancy for me.


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