How do you transfer Phylox without hurting the plant. I have them overgrowing in a small area.

Asked by Cheri
Louisville, KY

I have a photo of the area. Please advise


Richard Heller

Answered by Richard Heller

New Rochelle, NY

Greener by Design

April 23, 2014

Dear Cheri, Phlox are remarkably resilient. The best time to transplant them is in the fall after it has gone dormant and you can then divide them to produce more plants. See this excellent you tube video: Of course it is now spring. You can do exactly the same thing in early spring. Given that you are in Kentucky, your spring is further along than ours (here in NY) but it should be safe to at least transplant them as long as you have regular rain and/or give them supplemental water and plant food. IF they are already blooming, wait until they are finished blooming. When plants are in bloom they focus all their energy on the flowers which produce the seeds of their future. Transplanting during bloom time means no root development and possible death- dun dun dun.....-so please wait as per these gardeners advice on a well known garden wiki:

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