How do you insulate a home with cathedral ceilings?

Asked by Howard
Troy, MI

What kind of insulation should be used in a house with all cathedral ceilings and no attic?


Kevin Holdridge

Answered by Kevin Holdridge

Charlotte, NC

KDH Residential Design, LLC

December 20, 2010

Cathedral ceilings can be insulated several ways.  You can use fiberglass batt insulation or spray foam insulation.

  • If using batts, it may be necessary to furr the ceiling down slightly to allow for the proper insulation R-value for your area.
  • Home foam insulation is generally the best insulation in this application because it also provides air sealing qualities to tighten the home up.

We also are using this concept to change the thermal envelope in some of our houses with attics. This prevents the heat from radiating into the attic and stops the convention which can cause high swings between house and attic temperatures.

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