How do I use a radon testing kit?

Asked by James Dio
Tempe, AZ

I see that Home Depot sells them but how difficult is it to do for a non-trained home owner.


Joshua Lloyd

Answered by Joshua Lloyd

Worthington, OH


April 16, 2012

Radon kits sold in your home improvement stores are easy to use and very reliable.

  • The kits sold at home improvement stores are passive test kits utilizing an activated charcoal and are typically left in place for 3 to 7 days before being sealed and sent to the laboratory to read the levels of radon in the home.
  • The lab testing is included in the price of the kit and when we used one on our own home, the result were emailed to us within a few days of actually mailing it.

You can read a set of test kit instruction for one of the manufacturers here.

You can also check out the EPA's website here for more information about Radon as well as a directory of trained testing & mitigation professionals and a map that shows the average levels of radon by county.

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