How do I repair blown in insulation (Cellulose) in my walls during my remodel?

Asked by ACJ
Layton, UT

Remodeling my master bath and while tearing out the drywall and framing some of the insulation came out in chunks. I have a few gaping holes now in my insulation which I want to fill but can't figure out how... I've thought about spraying in some expanding foam and then shaving it flat somehow, or possibly covering with pastic and then stuffing foam back in? Any advice would be appreciated!


ACJ, Easy problem to fix. You can purchase small spray foam insulation kits from your local building material supplier (Lowe's and Home Depot as well as others). I would not recommend using a spray can style expanding foam since some of these continue to expand even after trimming it back to be flush with the. Trimming the foam back can be done with a hand saw wide enough to span over two or more studs drawn back and forth.

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