How do I insulate windows in a sun room and should I keep it heat/cooled when not in use?

Asked by Charlotte
Morris, AL

I have a sun room with no heat/air but it is just off the kitchen so the door can be opened and let the heat/air flow into the room. In the winter it is very cold because it is mostly windows which are separated by wood panels. I wondered, besides caulking, what is a good way to help keep the heat in the room once it is heated? Is there some type of quilted fabric I could use to to tape velcor to the window frames much like a curtain to help hold the heat in and same questions for summer?


Rhonda Stanton

Answered by Rhonda Stanton

Redlands, CA

Rhonda Stanton, Keller Williams Realty

March 24, 2012

Unfortunately, these sun rooms are typically not sealed well, nor do they have much, if any, insulation.

  • You could purchase a heater meant to warm a single room, and just use it when you are using the room. 
  • If you leave the kitchen door open to heat the room, you'll find your heating bill will most likely increase.
  • These rooms really aren't meant to be used in very cold or very warm weather.

You'll probably be much happier with it if you decide to use it in mild weather only.


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