How do I insulate the attic pull-down door in the ceiling of my hallway?

Asked by Beverly Olinde
Ventress, LA

I am concerned about the "pull" of air from my 5-ton HVAC unit. It is so strong now that I have removed the attic fan, it pulls air from every crack there is. The house is 60 yrs. old and I have taken steps to close up drafts. The attic access door is a major concern because of trapped smoke, dust, mold, etc. The HVAC unit is in the attic itself, with the return vent in the ceiling of the hallway, a few feet down from the attic access door. Is there something simple that I can do to insulate the cracks around the edge of the door? thanks.


Answered by Erik Henry

Brownsburg, IN

ELH Construction LLC

August 13, 2013

One-and-a-half inch rigid insulated foam boards are great for this.

They are cut easily with a hand saw. Make a five sided box and tape up all the seams. Make sure it is just slightly bigger than the pull down stairs. Do the final assembly in the attic.

Simply place over the hole for a tight fit.

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