How do I install an exhaust fan in the garage to activate with the garage door?

Asked by Josh Hallgren
Pullman, MI

The builder says they can get extra points for having an exhaust fan in the garage that runs for a half hour after the overhead door is opened.


Raymond Pruban

Answered by Raymond Pruban

Woodbury, MN

Amaris Custom Homes

November 25, 2010

My company (Amaris Company) has been using motion detectors in the garage to turn on the exhaust fan.

  • The exhaust fan runs anytime there is motion in the garage, which I think might be the best idea.
  • It will run when a car is moving in or out of the garage or if you are simply walking around in the garage.

This might mean you run the fan more often, but I believe it might add extra protection for home occupants and at the end of the day, that is why we are putting exhaust fans in the garage.

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