How do I have black mold removed from floor joist in my crawl space? How serious is black mold?

Asked by jim s
Hornell, NY

Cretecore walls to top of home,3' crawl space with no venting or vapor block, uninsulated floor to home, joists covered with black mold, floor gravel dirt,no attic venting,12" cretecore outside walls,wiring cut into foam walls,mold in other locations,moisture through out. 


Because of the possible health risks associated with mold in general, I would HIGHLY recommend that you contact a mold abatement contractor within your area specializing in the removal and treatment of mold.

This contractor will also provide testing of the mold and will follow proper protocol to remove and treat it with the foremost concern for the safety of your family.


For more information:

Read "Will a high-heat pest extermination process also eliminate mold systemically from my home?" a Q&A answered by David Willson.

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