How do I get the plastic/ chemical smell out of a new washer and dryer?

Asked by Denise Weil
Zion, IL

I bought the set that has stainless steel drums but the fins and/or something in the duct work make the clothes pick up a plastic scent. The washer of course is one giant plastic drum behind the stainless inner drum. I've tried LOTS of hot water and super clean two dozen times. Ran a load of towels I don't use every week for a year. I've used oxi-clean several times which seems to help the plastic smelll but does something to the clothes that has the same effect as bleach with out the scent. (ick) I've also tried washing soda and baking soda (on seperate occassions). They're both still bad.


Scott Grieves, CPM, CEA

Answered by Scott Grieves, CPM, CEA

Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee Utility Authority

July 24, 2012

I recommend you contact the manufacture to see what they suggest. There might be other complaints or reasons to consider.

Another thing that comes to mind is I would check the type of water quality in the home and consider a water softener, if you do not have one already.

Last advice if you smell plastic burning or fumes coming off the plastic I would definitely check the duct work off the dryer. Their should be NO plastic ducts connected to it; only metal ducts are allowed because of the heat/ code requirements.



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