How do I find contractors or products for a green remodel of my small New York City kitchen?

Asked by MS, New York City

I am looking for reasonable contractors who understand how to remodel a kitchen in the greenest way possible, or the best products you recommend using/avoiding. I live in New York City, so they would have to be licensed properly, and my kitchen is a typical NYC 7x9 kitchen. The companies I looked at so far are all saying my project is too small and would be too expensive.


Answered by Batya Metalitz

September 11, 2008

Because green building techniques are only beginning to enter the mainstream, it is common to encounter some obstacles when trying to work through a green remodel.

USGBC and the American Society of Interior Designers have created the REGREEN guidelines to provide in-depth guidance on green home-renovation techniques, products, how-tos and best practices for any size job.

If you are thinking of a relatively small remodel, there are many green product directories that can help you to find products that are low-emitting, recycled or reused, and local. Also, you can use the REGREEN product guidelines to help you select the greenest products. These products can usually be used by a contractor who has not worked with them in the past, helping you to expand your knowledge of green building at the same time that you help your contractor’s knowledge of green building expand!

In addition to green products, your local USGBC chapter may be able to connect you with contractors in your area who have worked on green remodels, or with other homeowners who have successfully completed their own green remodels.

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