How can I recycle ground water pumped from sump pumps?

Asked by Marc Weintraub
Freehold, NJ

My town has a high water table. It is illegal to tap into the sewer lines. The water that is pumped out of the sun pumps drains out 8 ft from the house into the ground. The water then eventually makes its way back to pump, leaving the ground very wet. What can I do? I would like to recycle it some how, maybe into a sprinkler system for garden.


Christine Coker

Answered by Christine Coker

Vancleave, MS

C-squared Consulting

March 24, 2012

Using the water for garden irrigation is a great idea!  A gravity-fed system is your best in terms of ease of installation and cost-efficiency. 

Another option is the addition of a water feature in your landscape.

  • The water can go into a decorative holding pool with a small fountain for circulation.
  • A rain garden is another landscaping solution that would also help alleviate the soggy yard and make a nice addition to your landscape.

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