How can I limit warm air loss that seems to be going into my attic from a filter space in my hallway ceiling?

Asked by Laurie
Sparks, NV

The thermostat shows a lower temperature in the hallway which is underneath this same area. I realize the space is important for ventilation but I am loosing my heat.


Danny Kelly

Answered by Danny Kelly

Charlotte, NC

Kelly McArdle Construction

January 3, 2012

Hard to tell from your description but it sounds like you have a whole house fan. These work great during mild days when you want to open the windows and push fresh air through your house but you do lose a lot of heat through these louvers. There are a few solutions to this. If you do not use your whole house fan - you can remove it and patch the hole with sheetrock. If you do use it or cannot remove the fan for some reason - they make magnetic covers that install on the bottom of the metal mouvers that will seal it up. You can also build a rigid foam box and install it on the top side of the vent. Be sure to seal all of the edges all the way around.

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