How can I keep cold air from entering the vent hose of my gas dryer? It has a louvered cover.

Asked by JoNell How
Indian Hills, CO

I have asked at big box and hardware stores for a better way of insulating the hose but I am always shown the same louvers that I have. Is there a better device on the market?  I'd prefer to line dry laundry.


Louver or flapper style vents are the most commonly sold at local hardware stores.

Check out the Heartland Dryer Vent Closure System. Per the manufacturer literature, "it is designed with an air activated floating shuttle cup, which gives you a positive close when the dryer is not in use.

  • It is easy to clean and is far superior to the common "flapper" type that often stick open with lint accumulation or freeze open in the winter."
  • I installed one of these on my parents home 17 years ago in Northern Michigan.
  • To this day they have not complained of having cold air coming in through the dryer vent.

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