How can I identify the source of VOC's in my bedroom and get rid of the chemicals? I already have an air purifier. Thanks!

Asked by Shannon
New Orleans, LA

I just moved into a new apartment with brand new living, dining, and bedroom furniture. I have already replaced my bedroom furniture once except for my mattress. My house seems to always be dusty no matter how much I clean and vacuum. I simply can't identify what the problem is. I just feel like my whole apartment makes me sick. Lastly, is polyurethane toxic? I realized this is material my mattress is made from. I'm just not sure what my next step should be since I've already purchased an air purifier, had the front office clean the air coils, and have placed a filter cloth over my bedroom vent. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


Maggie Michel LEED AP

Answered by Maggie Michel LEED AP

Tucson, AZ

Air Fresh Consulting

December 18, 2013

Well, the first thing I'm noting is you moved into an apartment. It's not owned by you and the types of products and building maintenance can vary widely. The dust might be coming from leaks in ducting. I see you live in a climate that is hot and humid most of the year. Proper cleaning of coils every year would be important. Now to the mattress. I'm assuming it's a type of memory foam. They are usually treated with a flame retardant that is no good for humans especially chemically sensitive folks. If you have an air filter, it's not going to do a thing to help with the bed. It will collect a bit of dust and larger debris such as skin,fur, also bought new furniture. It could be an off gassing from those items. Add it up and you could be dealing with a toxic soup of chemicals. Do you open windows for fresh air intake?

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