How can I get rid of aliens which have grown up in my southwest landscape?

Asked by Sondra
Granbury, TX

This includes Bermuda grass and the dreaded Nutt grass which has grown up In my year old Southwest landscape which would be beautiful without these intruders.


Richard Heller

Answered by Richard Heller

New Rochelle, NY

Greener by Design

September 9, 2013

Bermuda grass and Nut Sedge are incredibly difficult to eliminate by any means other then using chemicals.

There is a lot of argument over whether a 20% vinegar spray will knock out the Bermuda grass in the organic forums.

  • The consensus is once you have bermuda grass it is incredibly difficult to eliminate due to its root structure and stolons.
  • Here is a sample thread.

Every organic landscape professional I know agrees that Nut grass can only be wiped out chemically.

  • There are a number of nut sedge specific chemicals available and do use these NOT Roundup which will not get rid of nut grass.
  • Alternately you can attempt to remove the nut grass and its "nuts" by excavating all the soil for a six inch depth and width around the grass and dispose of the soil "elsewhere" while hoping you got all the nuts.
  • See this LA Times article for more on this solution and a chemical solution.

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