How can an attic be ventilated with a hip roof that has a ridge vent, but no soffit or any place to put soffit vents and no gables?

Asked by Renee M.
Avon, CT

It's a 1,475 square foot ranch built in Connecticut in 1959. The roof is 7 years old. There is some mold under the insulation along the edges of the attic floor, but nowhere else, thankfully. We looked at edge vents but they all require taking off a few rows of shingles, and we don't want a stripe down the edge from not being able to match the color, at least in the front of the house. There is a GAF Cobra Fascia vent that doesn't require taking off any shingles, but it sounds expensive. We are hoping there are other simpler alternatives. Thanks.


You have pointed out the two alternative on the market for ventilating your soffits, drip edge vents or GAF Cobra Fascia. Both do require removal of the first row of shingles to allow the roof sheathing to be cut back to all air flow. However for soffit vent to work properly, proper air flow from the soffits to the attic space is required. To achieve this, foam baffles should be placed in the attic between each rafter. This would result in additional labor and material costs. Your other alternative is to provide over 80% of the venting required on your roof per the international building code and or state code. Begin by contacting your local building official to find out the section number of the code and what the requirements are. Then contact a local roofing company or contractor in your area to discuss the alternative and cost associated with the repairs/installation.

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