Help! I need a mattress that I am not allergic to!

Asked by Pat Leach
Little Rock, AR

I got a new mattress and let them take away the old one. Now I am allergic to all the replacement mattresses I have tried! My old mattress was 79% cotton. I am allergic to latex (natural and synthetic) and memory foam. I think I am also allergic to some of the dyes or glues. I would give anything to have my old mattress back! A lot of the mattresses I am seeing for sale are nonrefundable. Can you recommend a good nontoxic mattress?


William Janhonen

Answered by William Janhonen

Norwalk, CT

WSJ Enterprises

June 6, 2010

There is a soy-based foam mattress manufactured by the Carolina Mattress Guild. The mattress is comparable in warranty to the major manufacturers and comes in various sizes and degrees of comfort. I personally purchased one after trying the major brand names and finding this soy-based foam mattress equal in comfort.

The bad news is they are located in North Carolina and I see that would be geographically difficult from Arkansas, but contact them and see if it works for you. After all, we spend about 221,920 hours sleeping in our lifetime; it might as well be comfortable.


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