Has anyone ever used the Easy Water no-salt water conditioning system?

Asked by Thank You, MArk Gamba
Whippany, NJ

Looking for testing of product to see if it really does as advertised.


Matthew O'Toole

Answered by Matthew O'Toole

Spring Valley, NY

Abbey EcoWater Systems

July 26, 2010


I recently answered a question very similar to yours here in which I spell out all of the reasons why I feel that Easy Water, and every other magnetic water conditioner available, do not work. In my experience in the water treatment field, I can tell you that we have replaced quite a few of these water conditioners with traditional water softeners.

It is important to remember that these systems claim to reduce and prevent scale, not provide softened water. The way I look at it is if you are going to spend a lot of money on a conditioner -- and they do cost a lot for what they are -- spend a bit more and realize the benefits of true soft water. By removing the hardness from the water, you will prolong the life of all water-using appliances, save energy and, in the long run, save a lot of money.

The Battelle Institute just finished a study on behalf of the Water Quality Association which illustrates the effects of removing hardness from the water. You can read their report here.

So, in response to your question as to if they work as advertised, the answer from where I am standing is "no." I think a very telling sign is that Easy Water comes packaged with a bottle of scale remover.

For more information:

Read Matthew's Q&A "Which salt-free water conditioners will reduce scale?"

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