For LEED ratings, what is the best fireplace?

Asked by juiyeun
New York, NY

I am working on a new LEED Platinum residence that requires a fireplace. The owners want to see a working fireplace with logs. What is the best fireplace for this scenario?


Sergio Grado

Answered by Sergio Grado

The Woodlands, TX

GradCo Structures & Homes, LLC

February 24, 2011

I recommend a freestanding wood-burning fireplace such as the Hampton H200 or equivalent.  The H200 is the unit I just installed in the LEED Platinum home I built for a client of mine in Texas.

  • The home was built using ICF construction and a Daikin HVAC system.
  • Because of the tightness of the home and temperature retention, a wood-burning fireplace like this works great.

It is placed in the main family room and keeps the entire area warm. The fact that it will radiate heat from all sides leads to its effectiveness.

If your clients want the traditional exterior-wall fireplace, you are likely going to need to go to a Buckley Rumford fireplace. Google search the name for a local supplier.

Good luck, and congratulations on going Platinum.


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