Does Armstrong Bruce prefinished solid red oak hardwood flooring offgas?

Asked by Brian Winkler
Los Gatos, CA

We just bought a house with the above flooring in the hall (the rest of the house is carpeted). We want to put the same flooring in the rest of the house so it matches, but my wife is sensitive to urea-formaldehyde and is concerned that the prefinish will offgas even though it has cured. Is there a reason to be concerned?



Yes, there should be a concern of offgassing urea-formaldehyde as well as offgassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the finishes used in the manufacturing of wood floors.

Armstrong's website has the material safety data sheets (MSDS) for each of their products which you can download and review.

These MSDS reports will list all hazardous chemical compounds used in the manufacturing of the product as well as health risks associated with them.


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