Does a humidifier attached to the furnace help the air feel warmer in winter and help keep sinuses from being irritated?

Asked by S.E. Davenport
Stow, OH

I had an Aprilaire on my furnace in my house. The condo I moved to doesn't have one and has high ceilings. I feel colder here than I did in my house. Will a humidifier make a difference?


Answered by Joel Wensley

Dearborn Heights, MI

Mechanical Heating & Cooling

December 31, 2012

The humidifier you had in your house was probably a warm mist humidifier, which works by boiling water and outputting a distilled steam throughout your home to prevent your furnace from drying out the air.

Because warm mist humidifiers do expel steam, they can actually help to warm the air in your home while regulating humidity levels.

  • If you are considering investing in a humidifier to help your home feel warmer, be sure to install a warm mist humidifier, not a cool mist humidifier.
  • A cool mist humidifier would actually cause your apartment to feel colder.

It is also true that humidifiers can prevent sinus irritation caused by dry winter air. They help by preventing dust and allergens from being kicked up as easily as well as by preventing your sinuses from drying up and becoming uncomfortable.


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