Do you know anything about a product called IceStone -- recycled glass and concrete for countertops?

Asked by Joanne
New York, NY

I'm interested in this product for a kitchen countertop.


I installed perhaps a similar product, Vetrazzo, in my kitchen a year or so ago and can tell you the pros and cons of recycled glass countertops.

The pros: you save, in the case of Vetrazzo, recycled glass from landfills and you have a lovely countertop.

The cons: the product is not durable for most people. We installed the countertop sealed -- we learned that citrus products would remove the sealer, and after resealing the Vetrazzo to the manufacturer's specifications ourselves, we are very cautious about stains. We noticed stains from sweet potato pancake mix and similar foods. 

Spills need to be wiped immediately, and repeated waxing and sealing will prevent the darkening of areas (the concrete seems to absorb water around the sink).

I recommend to my clients a quartz countertop because, as I tell them, "life is too short to worry about your countertop."

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