Do you have any suggestions for hot water recirculating pumps? I hate to waste water before our showers.

Asked by Yesim Erke-Magent
Allentown, PA

Our shower gets hot water the last in the house and I try to collect the water until it gets hot... yet it is not that easy or convenient all the time. I know of circulating pumps and I was wondering if you have any suggestions. One plumber I contacted installs Grundfos ones for $750. Also, do they need to drill a hole at the vanity, etc. to get electricity for the pump?


Gennaro Brooks-Church

Answered by Gennaro Brooks-Church

Brooklyn, NY

Eco Brooklyn Inc.

July 19, 2010

I would use the Grundfos pump. It is the best. Do not use the Chilipepper pump.

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