Do we need to get approval from USGBC to use logo on a leed for homes sign for a project that is under construction?

I have a project and we are aiming for certification through LEED for Homes. we would like to put a signage stating the project is looking to be qualified for certification. we would like to incorporate the LEED for Homes logo. i have emailed the committee, but have not got word yet. and we are under construction now. do we need approval? if so, is the only way to get approval is through emailing them? thank you in advance


Andrea Foss

Answered by Andrea Foss

Washington, DC

Everyday Green

January 21, 2010

To use the LEED Homes logo, you'll need to register the project on the USGBC website. 

Your first step, if you haven't already, is to hire a green rater who is affiliated with a LEED Homes Provider organization. There are two mandatory site inspections the green rater will perform, as well as meeting immediately to go through the preliminary checklist meeting since you've already started construction. 

Your rater will work with you throughout the LEED Homes process and verify your points for the final submittal and LEED certification.

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