Do cork planks for play room flooring exist? Need safe, hypoallergenic, soft, warm surface. No off gassing or chemicals. Thanks.

Asked by Chantal Kokaz
Arlington, MA

We need to replace our EVA foam mats due to safety concerns (toxic off gassing). We need a safe, hypoallergenic, soft, and warm surface for our children to play on. Our 10 month old baby has eczema and we want to make sure there will be no toxic off gassing or harmful chemicals on this surface. Ideally the surface will be 5 ft by 10ft (not cover the whole room), and easy to remove and clean. Is cork a good option for this? Do such cork boards exist? Thank you!


Morgan Audetat

Answered by Morgan Audetat

Eden Prairie, MN

Badger Radiant Designs

August 19, 2013

We used a laminated cork floor over our radiant floor in the bathroom--mostly to prove that it could be done. The very thin layer of cork is warm to the foot in all weather, quiet and resilient even in a 1/4 layer. 

We love them.


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