Did I create a mold hazard by spraying water, dish soap onto drywall to remove bathroom wallpaper?

Asked by ruben p. salazar
Waco, TX

It's all off now, but a few shallow, quarter-size holes were created in the gypsum due to my scraping. What products should I use to fill holes and seams before I prime and paint with my AFM products?


Maggie Michel LEED AP

Answered by Maggie Michel LEED AP

Tucson, AZ

Air Fresh Consulting

March 20, 2011

If you use caution to not saturate the drywall during a removal like this, you will most likely not promote a mold issue. I am all about mold prevention.

  • You reside in a state that is mold friendly. Mold dislikes air movement and exposure.
  • Make sure your bathroom fan is in use to help move air while showering or bathing.
  • There are some excellent products out there that have a humidistat built in that will turn the fan on hands-free when higher relative humidity is sensed. 

Repairing the drywall using drywall mud and tape will be fine as long as you have dry drywall.

I am glad that you will be painting the walls in the bathroom. Wallpaper has a way of trapping moisture underneath it and letting mold and mildew grow.


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