Would a NEBB-certified test and balance on my home actually make it energy efficient?

Asked by Marshall
Franklin, IN

I have a company in mind, but I was just curious if I could receive a tax credit for it. Does balancing the air flow throughout your home actually make it energy efficient? I'm also thinking about a blower door test and a thermal scan.


I'm not a fan of tax credits as incentives to do what is in our best interest. It places the focus on the incentive rather than on the benefit of doing what is best for us in the long run.

Having said that, I'll step off the soap box and move on to your question.

  • Balancing your HVAC system can reduce energy costs by improving the overall comfort of the home and providing conditioned air to areas of need.
  • Balancing the system should include determining the amount of system air that is lost to leaks and sealing those leaks prior to balancing the system.

A blower door and Infrared are two useful tools in diagnosing performance issues in the thermal envelope that manifest themselves in comfort, high energy use, and performance problems.

  • Neither tool can adequately work to provide purchasing decision information, but
  • they can work in conjunction as part of a whole-house energy modeling protocol.

Modeling is an important part of an energy analysis since it provides homeowners with return on investment projections for specific remediation activities. Modeling can also provide you with equipment sizing calculations which may be more useful in solving comfort and energy use problems in your home.

No one should ever contract for energy upgrades without having detailed energy audit information by a qualified, experienced energy auditor.

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