Can you use a cork counter top in an outdoor kitchen?

Asked by Jenni Ruth
Lenoir City, TN

Does it hold up in direct sunlight or will the cork dry out and crumble in the weather? Will it hold up in colder temperatures as well?


Edward Wright

Answered by Edward Wright

Cincinnati, OH

Wright Design, LLC

May 30, 2012


Installing cork in an uncovered outdoor area is not recommended for a long term surface.

Humidity changes and UV light will negatively affect cork, like any wood product..

Suberra makes a solid 100% recycled cork counter top. This could be a possibility.

  • Because it is a solid product, it could better withstand an unconditioned area - like a three season room or covered porch.
  • I recommend sealing it with a UV resistant polyurethane coating for moisture and water protection.




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