Can you recommend a program that picks up excess construction materials?

Asked by Dahlia Klein, Great Neck, NY

Is there a program that picks up excess construction materials? Or an organization I can give my old bathroom or kitchen to?


Jim Zack

Answered by Jim Zack

San Francisco, CA

Zack/de Vito Architecture

April 9, 2009

Many areas of the country now have access to resources for reusing, recycling, or at least disposing of construction waste in a more eco-friendly manner. Not all of these services will pick up, but most will help reuse old materials.

In the New York City area, try Build It Green NYC. Don't forget to ask for a receipt for tax purposes—you can write off up to $5,000 of undocumented donations. (For more than $5,000 you need to get a licensed appraisal.) You can find more information on the Build It Green website. Also check with your local refuse company about recycling construction waste.

You will be surprised how much construction scrap can be reused. Concrete is crushed for backfill, to fill in excavated areas or low spots. Doors, windows, cabinets, tile, and many other materials can be reused. Carefully removed wood flooring can be reused, as can most other wood products. The possibilities of creative reuse are endless, and while it may take time to implement a "deconstruction" plan, in some cases it can save money.

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