Can you recommend a mold/mildew remover for cedar siding?

Asked by Mary
Maple Valley, WA

We get quite a lot of gray mold or mildew on our cedar siding every year. Our painting contractor wants to use a bleach/water solution to remove it and kill it before painting. What can we use instead?


Answered by Erik Henry

Brownsburg, IN

ELH Construction LLC

May 20, 2010

Zinsser products are the most available for mold remediation to home owners. They're sold at most big box stores.

Bleach will kill the mold, but also everything else. There are cleaning solutions and primers that will help keep the spores from coming back.

You may also have the mold growing behind the siding. It would be a good idea to remove a few pieces in the worst area and take a look behind the siding.

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