Can you please recommend a floor finish that is nontoxic and will not emit an odor the day after it is applied?

Asked by Nagidarka
San Francisco, CA

In November, before I moved in, I asked a floor finishing company to put a finish on a bedroom floor. Since I was moving in the following day, they recommended not sanding it down but placing a floor stain-finish on top of the existing finish. Since I have severe allergies, they assured me it was nontoxic and that it would be dry and with no odor the next day. I have been sick from the odor ever since it was applied, and the odor has intensified this summer, especially when the humidity is high. I am going to have the floor sanded to remove the stains. Can you please recommend a floor finish that is nontoxic, and that will not emit an odor on the day after it is applied?


Gennaro Brooks-Church

Answered by Gennaro Brooks-Church

Brooklyn, NY

Eco Brooklyn Inc.

July 19, 2010

Not all odors are made equal. Natural or not, it depends on your allergies. The best floor finish, for me, is a mix of tung oil and citrus solvent. They are natural. But the finish does give off a citrus smell (being made from citrus). Test those smells to see if you are allergic.

Otherwise, go with AFM Safecoat products. Not as natural as the raw ingredients mentioned above but definitely hypo-allergenic.


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