Can we seal in offgassing from self-assembled particleboard furniture?

Asked by J Cain
The Colony, TX

We purchased some self-assemble furniture for our teenage daughter (can't afford green stuff!). It has a white surface--not sure what it is. We have a name for a good green sealant just for this purpose. We also plan to put the furniture outside in the sun first, and to get an air purifier for her room. But we don't know if we just need to seal the rough exposed particleboard edges, or how much to seal. Don't know if the white surface should be sealed as well, or if it already is. This is a hutch and desk. She has also picked out a bed at a Swedish box store. How do we keep her room healthiest with this furniture?


Doug Cameron, LEED GA

Answered by Doug Cameron, LEED GA

Austin, TX

EcoSafe Spaces, LLC

July 29, 2011

Don't mean to judge, but that seems like a lot of guesswork, trouble, and expense to remedy something that potentially could have been avoided in the first place...especially if money is an issue.

Apparently, IKEA's furniture is now made with no added urea-formaldehyde plywood. Maybe try them in the future, if you're still on a tight budget.

Good luck!

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