Can we safely restore the splintery pressure-treated wood deck on our Connecticut home?

Asked by Chris
Manchester, CT

We have heard about an epoxy product but don't know if we would be creating more of a mess and what the environmental effect may be. We would rather not rip it out because of the waste and cost. The deck is over 20 years old, but we're not sure of the exact age. It is still attractive overall and sturdy, but due to its rough surface, it is not barefoot or grandchild friendly. 


Kevin Holdridge

Answered by Kevin Holdridge

Charlotte, NC

KDH Residential Design, LLC

May 23, 2012

If the structure of the deck is still in good shape, I would suggest you replace only the deck boards.

  • Replacing the existing deck boards with a composite deck board would reduce the maintenance and prevent future splinters.
  • When installing composite decks I would recommend adding blocking to the the deck joists if the spacing is more than 12" on center.

We have found that this gives our clients the most desirable finished look.


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