Can osb materials in my new apt be aggravating my respiratory problems

Asked by Clara
Morgan Hill, CA

It's been one month since moving into brand new senior housing unit. I've been experiencing numerous medical ailments, but mostly my copd progressively worsening. I live on the top level and it seems when I sit next to the window that my coughing and choking is accerated. My friend who has issues with osb panels asked me if it could be this problem. Help, I'm ready to move out if I don't get better health wise.


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

May 27, 2014

Clara, A brand new housing unit is definitely causing distress, especially since you have COPD. We strongly suggest you open all windows as much as possible, for as long as possible. All those new materials are loaded with VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Typically most new products, such as carpets, padding under carpets, paints and cabinetry, as loaded with these environmental irritants. The builder should have taken greater care when choosing the building products when they were building this structure, considering it was going to house seniors, with which some could have ailments such as yours. Feel better and open those windows !!

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