Can old vinyl siding on a house produce fine dust?

Asked by Rose
Waltham, MA

When I wipe my white vinyl siding with a damp brown paper towel, the towel becomes white, indicating that dust is coming off my house. It seems to indicate that vinyl dust that is constantly being released from my siding, which I assume then gets into the air and soil around my house. Has any research been done on this issue?


Answered by Erik Henry

Brownsburg, IN

ELH Construction LLC

August 13, 2013

Yes it is the siding being broken down by the sun. It is better than the land fill.

For more information:

Read "Carpenters are sawing house vinyl siding with PVC outside and the "dust" from it is blowing around. Does this pose a health risk?" a Q&A answered by Gennaro Brooks-Church.

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