Can I build a LEED home outside the United States?

Asked by Simon

1. Where can we find a LEED for Homes Provider in Malaysia? Can a LEED consultant be a provider? For example, our company. 2. Who can be a Green Rater? Can a certified commissioning authority be a Green Rater? 3. ENERGY STAR-rated appliances are not available in Malaysia. Can a similar local rating system be used instead?


Answered by Courtney Baker

September 18, 2008

To answer your questions:

  1. Currently there are not any LEED for Homes Providers outside of the United States and Canada. All projects must be registered under a LEED for Homes Provider.
  2. Only those Green Raters that have been trained by and are under the supervision of a LEED for Homes Provider may complete the verification tasks for projects certifying under the LEED for Homes Rating System.
  3. This is an issue that has not yet been resolved. This issue will be addressed in the international guidelines when they are released.

Finally, the LEED for Homes Rating System (PDF) was developed for North America; international use of the rating system is under evaluation. If a project is interested in registering as an international LEED for Homes project, the project administrator should submit a completed international information spreadsheet to me via e-mail. This spreadsheet can be downloaded here (XLS). Once the international guidelines are finalized, the project admin will be notified if the project is eligible to certify under the LEED for Homes Rating System.

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