Can I add insulation above a drop ceiling in the laundry room? And if I can, what kind? Can it just be laid over the tiles?

Asked by Arlene
Staten Island, NY

The laundry room is currently unheated but I do plan to add heating.


Jim Kirby

Answered by Jim Kirby

Mint Hill, NC


October 10, 2011

Loose laid batt insulation is commonly used over suspended ceiling systems in mostly commercial applications for sound attenuation.  

But there is no reason you can't use it over your laundry room ceiling system as well if you do not already have insulation in the attic/roof above or if it is an occupied space above.

  • If you already have a layer of insulation elsewhere it would be redundant and likely not offer much benefit.
  • Otherwise, you should be fine but be sure to have it installed for full coverage or the heat will escape easily through any small openings or voids in the insulation layers.

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